The magic and charisma of Neymar has reached Thailand. The Brazilian was the focus of most attention this morning at Paragon Park, a mall in Bangkok where Nike organised an event with four of the players. The Brazilian was joined by Gerard Piqué, Alexis and Adriano.

The hour-long event showed just what a media impact this player can have. It started with a series of questions as part of the presentation of Nike’s Hypervenom boots to a media-packed room. Ten minutes later and he was speaking to four local media in a short interview.

Meanwhile, in an adjacent area, Gerard Piqué and Adriano were involved in a photo shoot for sportswear. At the same time, Alexis was being interviewed by Fox television. It was all happening in True Coffee, a Bangkok cafeteria that is specially adapted for hosting events like these.

Show in the Paragon

Meanwhile, the nearby Paragon Park shopping mall was filling with Barça supporters. Wearing their Barça shirts, out came Neymar, Adriano and Alexis onto a rectangular area with artificial turf surrounded by screens, accompanied by Thai ‘free stylists’ and plenty of acrobatics with the ball.

The biggest cheer of the day was reserved for Neymar. With the ball at his feet, he had to cross the surface and score through a goal that, by surprise, appeared in one of the walls. The Brazilian did best, ahead of Alexis and Adriano, while Piqué watched from his seat.


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