Mosaic del Camp Nou en el que es pot llegir 'Som el Barça'

El mosaic 'Som el Barça' que s'ha vist al Camp Nou abans del Barça-Atlètic / FOTO: MARTA BECERRA - FCB

The decisive match between Barça and Atlético Madrid kicked off with a massive mosaic and song. The nearly 100,000 Camp Nou faithful came together to made a mosaic that read ‘Som el Barça’ (We are Barça), on a backdrop of blue and red, and yellow.

In addition, the fans greeted the team with an a capella rendition of the ‘Cant del Barça’. It was an emotional beginning to the showdown, a showdown that decided the 2013/14 league season.

During the half, the handball, futsal, and hockey teams offered up their titles to the Camp Nou.

A total of 96,973 fans attended the match this afternoon. That is the second best attendance of the season, only bested by the 98,761 fans that attended the Clásico.