The Argentinian center back, Javier Mascherano, talked to the press after the match against Villarreal and he admitted that today was a difficult day and that the players are in pain: “Each one of us are getting on in our own way, everything is so fresh, and the only thing we can do is stand by his family and try to share their pain.”

The defender then went on to recall some good memories that he shared with Tito Vilanova: “Tito always treated me phenomenally well, and whenever we won a title I would hug him and thank him for the experience.” He added: “What we have to do is fight until the end like Tito, we have a lot of fight left in us. We know that his battle was a hard one, but we never could have imagined that this would happen, until it did.”

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the game:


“The game we are playing wasn’t a bad one, we were in control and we were creating chances, but their goal just before the break hurt us and their second one did as well. But we fought until the end, that’s what we had to do and we finally managed to score the go-ahead goal.”

“If this team wins it’s because we do a good job, we play football well, we managed to fightback in a very complicated game.”

“We have hope that we can win the league, but we don’t depend on ourselves. We’re clear that we cannot lose anymore points, and if the other teams don’t lose points the only thing we can do is congratulate the champions.”

“The death of Tito has really affected us, we’ve knew him for a very long time. With him we won the league with a point haul of 100 points, but what we’ll remember about him is what he gave us on a personal level.”


“Thanks to Tito I’m a first team player, he was a Barça-made man.”

“This wasn’t an easy game to play, the fact that someone so close to us has died complicated things for us, but we fought until the end and we managed to win.”

“Before the match, Tata told us to focus on Tito, and that’s what we did. We were ambitious and we didn’t give up.”

“It’s not easy to come here and play in the state we’re in, but the lesson that Tito gave us helped us do it – this victory is for him.”

“Nothing is decided until the league is over. We’ve made a statement today and we showed that we still want the title.”


“This was one of the most difficult days to play. We felt it in our bodies. We’ve lost a leader. He will always be an example.”

“We relied on our pride and grit to win this game. We dedicate it to Tito"

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