Martino, a la banqueta. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Gerardo Martino said in his post-match press conference that in the first half his players “lacked depth” and that Barça could have “scored sooner.” He added: “We needed a bit more ball circulation and mobility.” The manager explained that “it seemed as if it was really difficult to score a goal” and he highlighted the fact that Leo Messi showed up exactly when the team needed him most. “He helped us a lot, he knew how to take advantage of the space – the plays that led to the goals were all very similar,” said the manager.

Showing quality

When asked about his rotations policy, Maritno noted that “some players can show their quality in 90 minutes and others in 15. Today Tello played 90 minutes, he’s been more explosive these last couple of weeks. This is great for Barça and also for him – he’s gaining confidence.”

In addition, Martino said that Carles Puyol, who was subbed out in the second half, “has a knock to his leg, it has nothing to do with his knee. It’s a one-time thing, he’ll undergo additional tests.” Finally, the manager talked about Leo Messi’s form: “He’s prepared himself to come back to Barça in the best way possible. He’s not preparing for the World Cup, it’s not possible to do that. What Messi has done is take advantage of his time off the pitch to recover and to prepare himself physically.”

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