Messi and Jordi Alba

Messi and Jordi Alba / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The FC Barcelona players are very pleased with this Sunday’s victory at the Santiago Bernabéu. Messi expressed the overall sentiment of the team when he said: “It was a very important victory for us. It was a brilliant game for the fans and for us. We can’t just stop here though, we have forget about what happened and focus on the future.”

Despite being one of the standout players against Madrid, Messi highlighted the effort put in by the team: “The most important thing is that we won. This is what we wanted. On an individual level things worked out but we have to focus on the team effort.” He added: “We’re close to the top spot. We have to try an not commit any errors for the rest of the season.”

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the match:

Xavi Hernández

“Barça were superior to Real Madrid and we have to focus on that. We were very comfortable on the ball. We did enough to deserve the win and I believe that it was a spectacular match.”

“We’re very content and happy, our morale is very high. We’re one point away from Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid – it will be a great fight for the title.”

“In addition, we have the goal-average in our favour. It was an authoritative blow.”

“Messi proved that he’s the best but I’d also highlight the team’s performance.”

Gerard Piqué

“We knew it was a very important game. Our ability to win La Liga hinged on this match. I think the fans really enjoyed it.”

“The two teams played a great match. It can’t be that once the game is over we focus on the referee’s performance. If we look at each play individually we'll never get out of here. For me, the referee didn’t influence the final result.”

“Winning here gives us confidence. The players have always said that you have to come to the Bernabéu to win the game. I hope we can recover the people that left us for dead and make them have confidence in us again.”

“You can’t doubt this team. We had possession of the ball, we generated goal-scoring chances and we won because of our efforts.”

Sergio Busquets

“The Real Madrid players demanded a lot of us but we worked well.”

“When you win a game like this you can’t help but be happy.”

“Winning at the Bernabéu gives us a morale boost, because they are a direct rival and if he had lost we would have been very far from the top of the table.”

“To win La Liga we have to win all the games we have left. We’re strong at home and we need to be more consistent on the road.”

Jordi Alba

“It was a very exciting match. We started off well, even though they fought back. We had to ball more than they did. We know that it was important to be close to them to avoid giving them counterattack chances. We are the just victors.”

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