FC Barcelona were defeated at the Nuevo José Zorilla by Valladolid thanks to a goal from Fausto Rossi in the first minutes of the match. After the game, Xavi Hernández admitted his team played poorly: “It was a tough game, we didn’t find the right dynamic. We were a bit better at the beginning of the second half, but our aim was off.”

The midfielder went on to say that “we weren’t expecting defeat, it was very painful,” but he encouraged his team-mates to focus on the upcoming match against Manchester City: “We have to improve, we can’t come to any positive conclusions from this match, but now we need to refocus for Wednesday’s game.”

Busquets admits it was a bad day

After the defeat, Sergio Busquets talked to the press and admitted that Barça never quite got into its usual groove: “We were very flat in the first half, in the second we were better but we could score goals – this defeat is tough and it makes it difficult for us in the league.” He went on to say that “three points slipped away, and there are fewer games left of the calendar – this difference in points could be important.”

Busquets added: “We have to be better than our rivals in all aspects of play and in the first half we simply weren’t.” The FC Barcelona midfielder encouraged his team to move past the defeat and look forward: “The defeat is painful, but starting this Sunday we have to focus on the game against Manchester City.”

Here’s a recap of the statements made by some of the players after the game:

Dani Alves:

“It’s hard to win the league if you don’t win the three points week in and week out, because now we don’t depend on ourselves and that complicates things.”

“We will never give up, we will fight until the end like we’ve always done.”

“We don’t have the sensation that the league is lost, but the result is very negative.”

“There isn’t time to lament the result, we have to keep on fighting.”


“We are displeased with the result because we didn’t take advantage of a good chance.”


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