Gerardo Martino talked to the press after the 0-3 victory over Celta Vigo. The manager, who lined up Busquets, Song and Cesc in the midfield, said that the trio “was more successful in the second half. We varied our format and we played with Song closer to Busquets, which gave Cesc more freedom.”

Martino, who believes that his team played well and that there was “only one period” of the match near the end of the first half when his team ceded control of the game, explained that Adriano “was subbed off as a precaution.” He added that “we needed to bring Cesc closer to Messi in order to initiate the pressure and after the 0-3 we defended deep because Celta were on the attack.”

Finally, the Barça manager said that his men need to focus on winning their matches and not on the team’s rivals: “What we have to do is win. It doesn’t matter when we play. If you win you can afford to be more calm in regards to what may happen,” he said in reference to Barça’s direct opponents for the league title.

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