Cesc heads home goal number 5,500 / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Cesc Fàbregas’ second goal against Betis made a little piece of history. The final goal in the 1-4 win at the Benito Villamarín was the Club’s 5.500th in the history of the league. The goal came from a cross on the right by Alves and after Cesc had headed home, he immediately signalled that he needed to be subbed.

Messi got goal number 5,000.

Leo Messi scored the Club’s 5,000th goal in Santander, when Barça won 1-2  - just 4 years and 9 months ago. The Club marked that goal with a photo of  Quini, who scored league goal number 3,000, Amor, the scorer of goal number 4,000 and  Messi.

The 5,500 goals have come in  2,623 games. 3,513 have been scored at home and 1,987 on the road. During that time, teh team have conceded 3,002 goals and won 1,479 games.

The thousand goal marks

Goal number 1000
M. Aurelio. FCB-Lleida (6-1)
22 October 1950

Goal number 2000
Zaballa. FCB–València (4-0)
12 January 1964

Goal number 3000
Quini. FCB-Castelló (4-3)
24 January 1982

Goal number 4000
Amor. València-FCB (4-1)
9 March 1996

Goal number 5000
Messi. Racing-Barça (1-2)
1 February 2009

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