Barça legend Quini

Quini in action / PHOTO: ARCHIVE FCB

Enrique Castro González, better known to the fans as ‘Quini’, is the star of this week’s Barça TV programme ‘El 9’.  The programme describes the difficulties Barça had to complete the transfer – Quini was originally on the point of moving to the Club in 1976 – and examines the highlights of his four years at the Club from 1980 to 1984.

Thursdays on Barça TV

‘El 9’ was first broadcast on 31st October and occupies a regular Thursday evening slot at 8.30 pm.  Each programme of the series focuses on one of the many great goal scorers in the history of FC Barcelona, including players such as Krankl, Kluivert, Lineker and Romario.

Each episode lasts 26 minutes and features the player himself together with former team-mates, coaches and top football pundits.  The qualities of these legendary strikers are dissected in the context of their contribution to the Club’s history.

It’s a great way to learn more about the history of the Club from the point of view of some of the greatest strikers to have donned a Barça shirt.

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