Messi has a great record at the Calderón / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

There doesn’t seem to be any opponent that motivates Leo Messi more than Atlético Madrid. He has found their net 20 times since he’s been in the first team, more than he has scored against any other opponent. He’s scored 17 times against them in La Liga and 3 times in the Copa del Rey, 12 times at the Camp Nou and 8 a the Vicente Calderón.

Recent woes

Leo Messi tends to score against Atlético Madrid at least once a season. He hasn’t failed to do so since 2006/07, although his memories of playing the mattress-makers haven’t been so good this season. He failed to beat Courtois in both the Spanish Supercup matches, and in the first leg failed to complete the game due to a minor injury.

But in general, the Vicente Calderón will bring back fond memories. He scored twice on the day of Barça’s famous 6-0 away win in 2006/07 and two years later got a hat-trick to win a cup tie. That January 6, even the home fans applauded him of the pitch.

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