“There are matches with good phases and bad phases,” said Andrés Iniesta after this evening’s game against Espanyol. “We’re counting nearly all of our games as victories and that should give us confidence to improve and keep on winning games.”

When asked about the team’s collective form, the midfielder said, “we’re playing just as well as we always have, I don’t have the impression that we’re playing poorly.” However,  Iniesta added that “everything can be improved and we need to keep on growing. We don’t lack intensity or the right attitude. We don’t have that problem in this team but at times matches can end up like tonight’s.”

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the match:

Alexis Sánchez:

“It was a very complicated match, very difficult and I thank God that we won the three points.”

“Messi is not going through a dip in form. He didn’t score today, but he’s normal, he’s doing well.”

Javier Mascherano:

“This Friday Messi perhaps didn’t have his best night, but we can’t pretend that [it’s possible] for him to be at his peak everyday. He is a vital player for us.”

On his self-criticism after the Milan match: “I’ve always had the confidence of the managers and players here at Barça. I don’t have a reason to not talk about it openly if I think I’ve made a mistake.”

Martín Montoya:

“It was one of our weaker matches. We know that it would be a complicated match. They pressured us high up the pitch, they didn’t cede control of the midfield... But we won and we have to continue on this path.”

“I’ve been able to play in four matches and I have to take advantage of my chances and keep on working. I’ve always said that I’d like to stay here. One can always find a place to play, but I know that I’m with the best team int he world.”

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