Alexis celebrates his goal against Madrid.

Alexis celebrates his goal against Madrid. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

In the first league game between Barça and Real Madrid earlier this season, Alexis Sánchez  stamped his mark on the clash with a wonderful second goal and with Barça due at the Bernabeu on Sunday, the Chilean looks back on that strike in an exclusive interview with www.fcbarcelona.cat: “it was a very important goal for me as a player. It was a lovely moment  - it made it 2-0 and nobody expected it – I was so happy and it settled the whole team” .

The goal step-by-step

Alexis Sánchez describes the build up thus “Xavi passed to Neymar. I saw I could make the run and I moved across the box diagonally. Varane was with me and if I’d have continued, I would have had to shoot across him, so I saw that the keeper was off his line and just chipped him. It turned out to be a lovely goal – for me and for the fans , especially in a game like that against Madrid !”.

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