Adriano Correia was at the unveiling of his new boots, the Nike Hypervenom, in the InterSport store in Gavà this Thursday afternoon. He explained that he feels “very comfortable” with his new boots and “very secure” when he takes shots on goal.

When asked about the 3-1 scoreline on Wednesday, which incidentally kept Barça’s undefeated streak in all competitions alive, the left back said: “We’re close to excellence. I’m pleased and satisfied with the result against Milan.” He added: “There are times during games when we lose possession and we’re hit with a counterattack. We have to be careful when we have possession.”

Healthy competition

With Jordi Alba on the sidelines recovering from injury, Adriano is the only fit left back on the team. The Brazilian has taken full advantage of his opportunities, but he’s eager to have his “competitor” back as soon as possible. “I approach competition normally. It’s a shame to have two injuries back to back, like Jordi has had. We’re always encouraging him. I know what it’s like, because it’s happened to me and I talk to Jordi a lot,” he said.

Messi and Neymar

Adriano also talked about Messi’s recent goalless streak. According to the player, “Messi has always been happy. He’s essential and we really feel it when he doesn’t play.” When asked about Messi’s partnership with Neymar, Adriano was clear: “It’s an honour to have them both. They are the best duo that a team could have.”

Finally, the left back talked about his desire to play in the World Cup: “It’s what I want and in order to go I need to continue doing a good job at Barça. The Brazil World Cup really excited me and I’ll do everything I can to be called up.”

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