Alexis Sánchez was one of the standout players against Valladolid thanks to his two goals and one assist. Adriano Correia praised the Chilean after the match for his excellent performance: “The goals have come to him because of his hard work and patience. He’s on excellent form.” The Brazilian left back is pleased that he’s been able to play and remain healthy in the team’s past couple of games in Jordi Alba’s absence: “I’m very happy that I’ve been able to stay healthy, I’m working hard, I get the rest I need and I’m eating well, that’s all important in order to not pick up injuries.”

Here are the statements made by some of the players after the match:


“The number 9 position is for the best player in the world: Leo Messi.”

“For me they were penalties, and I’m grateful to Alexis for the assist. I’m very happy.”

“There is always a lot of expectation, we’re improving with each match.”


“Barça is like this, you can play 10 consecutive games well, but if you have a bad showing, the press and the fans talk about you.”

“Neymar is a different kind of player, he put in a great match.”

“It’s easier for us when Leo is on the pitch, without him we have to work harder.”


“It’s a good day because of the victory and because of the news that I’m going to be a father.”

“I was very comfortable on the pitch, I was just missing a goal.”

“In the second half we pressured more and we played better.”

Training session on Tuesday

The team will return to work on Tuesday, at 18.00, at the Ciutat Esportiva. The session will not feature the team's international players.
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