Andoni Zubizarreta / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

During Tito Vilanova’s first press conference of the preseason as FC Barcelona’s head manager, Andoni Zubizarreta confirmed that contract extension talks with Javier Mascherano “are very advanced.” The football director also talked about the ongoing negotiations with Carles Puyol and Adriano.

Puyol and Adriano

On the Azulgrana captain, Zubizarreta revealed that “the situation, given his history and career, goes beyond the norm. When he returns from his well-deserved vacation we’ll sit down and we’ll talk about how he views his future.” On Adriano, he admitted that “we’ve talked to his representative, but not about his current contract,” just before confirming that “we’re very pleased with his performance, especially during the final stretch of the year. We’ll deal with the situation in the future.”

On another note, on the possible promotion of Tello to the first team, the football director stated that it’s “an option that will be discussed with Tito.” He added that “he currently has a contract with Barça B, it’s true that he spent a lot of time with the first team last season.”

“We’ll look to the reserve side first”

Zubizarreta was clear that, until August 31, the Club will try to compose the best possible team while he highlighted the importance of the reserve side: “our objective is to get to the 31st of August with the best team possible, and look to the reserve side to see the possible options we may have. This is where we look first, always.”

The Barça B squad

Despite the fact that Zubizarreta prefers not to break news about ongoing negotiations with possible new players, he did talk about the potential signings Agostinho Cá and Edgar : “negotiations with both the Portuguese players are very advanced.” He went on to say that the Barça B side “have a team that needs to be completed in order to remain competitive.” On the possibility of promoting reserve-side players to the first team, the football director noted that “in the end we give them an opportunity to be in a fantastic team, Barça B, from that point we’ll see where they go. The chances [of being promoted] are there, this is a very open Club.”

Marc Muniesa

“We don’t usually talk about these type of issues, it looks as though others don’t have a problem with it. Muniesa trained this morning with us and he’ll do it again this afternoon,” said Zubizarreta when asked about the speculation in the media that has linked Marc Muniesa with Ajax.

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