Tito Vilanova / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“We wanted to give the players that returned from the Euro more minutes on the pitch, and that’s what we did. Manchester United are a very good team and they’ve been practicing longer than we have. Our tone was good. It’s true that they could have scored but we also created our own chances,” said Tito Vilanova. The Azulgrana manager also noted that subbing Messi out of the game had been decided before kickoff: “we have another match on Saturday and we agreed that he’d play for 45 minutes.”

The FC Barcelona manager talked to the press after Barça’s fourth pre-season match of the summer and he made special mention of the two players dropped from today’s squad, Fontàs and Villa: “Andreu Fontàs will play in Bucharest. I spoke with before the match and we gave him a couple more days to prepare. When it comes to David Villa, it depends on how he’s feeling. He feels better each day but we have to give him sufficient time to recover. I don’t think he’ll play in Bucharest.”

Unwilling to dredge up the past or talk about possible signings

When asked about possible future signings, specifically Alex Song, Vilanova was clear: “I prefer to not talk about players that aren’t part of the Barça team. I think it’s disrespectful to other teams if we talk about players that aren’t part of FC Barcelona.” Vilanova also noted that he’s not in a hurry to bring in a new player: “whoever comes must be a good player, that’s what’s important. There’s no rush.”

Lastly, when asked about the incident of last year’s Spanish Super Cup with Morinho, Vilanova said: “I believe I gave my opinion on the matter when I was presented as Barça’s manager. I have nothing else to say.”

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