Club director and spokesperson Toni Freixa talked to the press about FC Barcelona’s goals when the transfer window opens this summer. “Next season we will have the best possible team to compete in all competitions,” declared Freixa. “Everyone needs to be calm. We’re working hard and the planning for next season is optimal.” Freixa, however, declined to reveal the size of Barça’s war chest on the grounds of divulging information that could “hurt the Club.” He added: “we won’t explain [that information] because then the market will know [how much money we have to spend].”

Valdés and Abidal

When asked about first team goalkeeper Víctor Valdés and defender Éric Abidal, Freixa explained that the keeper “has communicated that he does not want to extend his contract, which ends on June 30 of 2014, and that’s what we know.” He added: “we have always told Valdés that he’s the best keeper Barça could possibly have and that his output has been extraordinary. He’s made his decision and we respect that. His contract runs through 2014 and his actions prove that he’s an excellent professional.”

On Abidal, Freixa noted that “he knows the Club’s offer and we’ll know what he wants to do in the coming days.” The spokesperson then revealed that the player and FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell will meet in person to discuss the matter in the near future. “The facts show that the Club has always shown sensitivity on the issue. Abidal’s contract was suspended [during recovery] and it was reactivated when he returned to training.”

“The parade was a success”

Lastly, Toni Freixa went on to evaluate the champions parade through Barcelona where more than 500,000 Club members and fans joined in the league title festivities. “We are very pleased that we won La Liga. We’re happy with celebration and that the players celebrated the title. There was an anecdotal episode, but it’s nothing more than that. The parade was a success.”

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