Tito Vilanova / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Tito Vilanova is optimistic after FC Barcelona’s five pre-season matches: “the team is playing at a good level ahead of the start of the Liga. We’ve had a group of players that have trained for two solid weeks. Others haven’t had that much time to prepare.” The manager noted that the second group of footballers, the internationals, needed to get more playing time this Saturday: “I wanted them to have more playing time, but the condition of the pitch ruined my plans.”

“The players are at a good level,” said Vilanova, who also noted that he doesn’t want to think about possible line-ups for the Real Sociedad clash until later this week: “when the players come back from international duty we’ll make a decision on who will play in the Liga based on how they’re feeling.” When asked about the players called up to the Spain squad, the manager was clear: “Del Bosque picks the players that he wants and we don’t have anything to say on the matter. This time six players are leaving, but if he had wanted ten, they would have gone too. It’s his responsibility to pick the best players for the national team.”

Lastly, on Puyol, the manager said that “he a very small injury, he’ll be ready to play soon.” Vilanova also noted that the decision to sub Sergio Roberto out in the second half was made before the match.

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