Tito Vilanova / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

After the match against Betis Tito Vilanova noted that his players “reacted well” to Betis’ first goal and that they “showed their personality” to close out the game against the Andalusian side. “We had a lot of chances in the first half, but we didn’t score from them. It wasn’t an easy match,” said Vilanova, who shared that he plans to travel to New York City on Monday. “I will go to New York this Monday to undergo followup tests and I will be back on Thursday.”

“We must have the desire to improve”

The FC Barcelona manager went on to say that things will be different next season and he was clear that that his men should always aspire to improve their level of play. “We always must try to improve. This year has taught us all a lot because of everything we experienced. It has been a difficult year because of the injuries and because the head manager wasn’t here for two months. Next year things will be different,” explained Vilanova. “We need to be aware of how difficult it is to win a league title and when we win it we really need to celebrate.”

“Tello is a special player”

Vilanova went on to talk about Leo Messi: “the management of Messi’s injury allowed him to play this evening. Maybe he’s not in top physical shape now because he hasn’t been able to train as much as his team-mates.” The manager then talked about Tello and Alexis: “Tello is a special player, he gives us different things. He takes on his mark, he shoots and he’s feeling more comfortable in the first team. At the beginning of the season perhaps we didn’t think that Tello would turn into the player he is today. Alexis played at a good level. He has grown in confidence and that’s good for him and for us.”

Finally, Vilanova talked about Barça’s consistency throughout the season. “We’ve demonstrated that we are a consistent team. If we had lost our focus, it would have cost us much more, but we’ve been playing well. Nothing has been given to us,” said Vilanova.

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