Thiago, en l'acte d'aquest dilluns. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.


“It’s a very, very good start. It couldn’t be better, between the Liga and Champions League we’ve won our last six games, and in each one of them we were the superior side. It’s strange that people still have their doubts about the team,” said Thiago Alcántara on Barça’s 2012/13 season start. He added, “we have to continue in this dynamic.”

The Azulgrana midfielder noted that the team is still growing despite its perfect start to La Liga: “We’re getting into the rhythm of competitive play, the Liga has just started and all the teams are in the same spot we’re in. We’re on the same level, we simply want to improve so that we can be in a good position by the end of the season.”

Ambitious team

Thiago also talked about the incident between Messi and Villa during this weekend’s match against Granada. “It’s normal. There’s no way that was an argument, it was a heated moment. We’re ambitious and that’s what makes us react the way we do.” He added: “This shows the ambition that a player or a team has.”

Thiago is “privileged”

The midfielder is thrilled with his return to competitive play: “I feel great, my recovery was excellent. Little by little I’m getting back to the shape I was in before my injury." Thiago also noted that he’s “privileged” to play in Barça’s midfield: “I’m doing something I like to do, I get to defend and attack at the same time.”

Thiago went on to talk about his team-mates: “There are a lot of excellent players in the midfield and the boss can call on them in any situation. It’s good competition and it’s good to be with such quality players on a daily basis."

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