Cristian Tello put in a brilliant performance this Wednesday evening against Spartak Moscow. The Auzlgrana forward said that “I’m very happy we won and that we got the three points, the first Champions League match is always important. The team went all out and everyone saw it.”

The Barça B player talked about his performance and of the confidence that Tito Vilanova gives him: “I’m very pleased that the boss is confident in my abilities and I’m happy that I played a part in two goals - I scored the first and I assisted the second. I do what the boss tells me to do, he told me to take my chances, I’m lucky that my shot went in.”

Tello also had words for Leo Messi: “He thanked me for the assist, I’m really happy for him. Messi decided the game, like he always does.”


“We won a difficult match, that’s our merit. It’s not easy to fight back when they close themselves off and they defend in their own area.”

“They have very fast forwards and they’re very good on the counter.”

“It’s a shame that Piqué picked up an injury. He’s very important to the team, as is Puyol, but we have more than enough players on the team to cover their absences, and even more in the reserve side.”

“What we want is titles and we’re on the right path. My goals are only important if they help the team.”


“It was a very difficult match against an organised team that can play the ball well when they go forward. Their men up top, Ari and Emenike, are quality players.”

“With the substitutions we opened up the pitch. Alexis was in the middle - in the 9 position - so he had more presence in the area and it all worked out. The fans helped us a lot and they carried us throughout the match.”

“Any team that makes it into the Champions League play at a high level and we know that, we’ve been saying that this group won’t be easy and that we have to take it a game at a time.”


“All of the players that have picked up injuries are important. Puyol and Piqué, without a doubt are very important, but the team is big enough to cope with their absences.”

“We’re focusing on Saturday’s match, before the Clásico there are two more league games and another Champions League fixture.”

“It’s clear that it would be good to get them [Puyol and Piqué] back before the Clásico, but we have a good team. Busquets, Song, who played a good game, Mascherano .. all of them can play in the center back position.”

“We fought back from a goal deficit in a difficult match and that’s important. I think we played well, they complicated the game for us because they took the lead, but we were able to fight back and that’s important.”


“They came into the match with the idea of defending and that made it more difficult for us. I believe that we were the only team that tried to win the match. They scored two goals in two isolated plays, but our insistence allowed us to win.”

“It’s complicated to play against teams like this, it’s hard to attack, we almost didn’t need defenders. The most important thing about football is attacking.”

“I’m very sorry for Víctor, that has never happened to me before. I feel terrible because he’s been unlucky in the goals other teams have scored on him.”

Training session on Thursday at 11.00

The team will return to training this Thursday morning at 11.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva. Cesc Fàbregas will talk to the press after the session.

Messi and Cesc passed their anti-doping tests after the match against Spartak Moscow.

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