Against Spartak Moscow, Sergio Busquets played his fifth complete match of the competitive season and has featured in six of the seven matches. However, he insists that he doesn’t feel he is guaranteed a place ahead of team-mates such as Song and Mascherano. Speaking on Barça TV in the programme ‘El Marcador’ after the match, Busquets revealed: “We’re all trying to accumulate. There are no first and second choices for places. We’re all trying to do the best for the team”.

A valuable win

Barça’s victory on Wednesday night has left the Club at the top of Group G and according to Busquets it was a valuable win: “We knew it wouldn’t be easy. It’s a very important win and the draw between Celtic and Benfica makes it even more valuable”. Last season, Barça started the group stage with a draw against Milan, a setback which influenced the rest of the group stage: “If we can qualify when there are still one or two games left it would be great for the team to be able to rest”.

“Another way to win”

When Spartak took a shock 1-2 lead, Barça opened up the game to look for an equaliser. Sergio Busquets explained. “We like to play down the centre but sometimes there are games where you have to go wide and move the ball around and try and find space. We opened up the game and the goals came from the wings. It’s another way to win. This team will try everything, whether it’s passing moves, down the centre, down the wings. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but we always try and win”.

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