Alejandro Sabella / FOTO: FIFA.COM

Argentina manager Alejandro Sabella has spoken to Barça TV about Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano. Messi came on in the second half last night and led the team to a spectacular comeback that leaves them just two points adrift of the Liga title. The manager of the South American team was delighted to see that his star player and captain is performing as brilliantly as ever. “Messi scored two goals and could have scored more” he commented. “Although Barça had done enough to deserve the win, it was not an easy match. But Messi is the kind of player who can change everything when he comes on”.

Close to another hat-trick

Sabella especially praised Messi’s excellent goal from a free kick and the way the team worked together to create the second goal, including a terrific backheel Iniesta”. But at the end of the game, Messi was annoyed with himself for not scoring the goal that would have brought him yet another hat-trick. “That’s what the greatest players are like” said Sabella. “They get annoyed about things that wouldn’t bother other players”.

He explained that he is visiting Barcelona “to speak to Messi about Barça and the national team, and most of all to see how he is”. On Javier Mascherano, Sabella said that they were already in contact two weeks ago, adding that “he’s a great gran professional. He likes to win and help the team, He loves Barça”.

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