Jordi Roura at the San Siro / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Jordi Roura admitted that the 2 to 0 is “a bad result” but he also said that he has complete confidence in his team: “If any team deserves to have credit, it’s this one. We can make it through to the next round. These players will get the result.” He added: “We’re convinced that we’ll make it through to the next round in Barcelona. We’re playing at home, the people will support us and the pitch will be in optimal condition.”

Excessive result

The manager explained that “it wasn’t our best match. However, seeing how the game played out, the result is a bit excessive. In the first half we controlled most of the play and then they had two chances and scored. The first, taking advantage of a rebound and the second on the counter.”

Roura wasn’t surprised by how the home team approached the match: “This stadium is always hard to play in. Milan played their game. They had a lot of men on defence, they were organised and had the right attitude. We lacked fluidity and depth.”

Awful pitch conditions

The manager went on to say that “the first goal hurt us, we lost our focus and perhaps we were too overeager.” Lastly, the manager talked about the state of the pitch: “The pitch was a potato field. It was improper for a match of this nature.”

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