Jordi Roura is confident that his team will eliminate AC Milan despite the 2-0 scoreline from the away leg at the San Siro. The Blaugrana manager knows what his men have to do in order to make it to the next round. “The important thing is finding the right balance between intensity and our eagerness to win, and not confuse it with being too hasty. We need to find that middle ground. We have to have cool heads and not lose our focus at any point in the game. Two goals can be scored in a few minutes or over 90.”

Starting XI on the mind

Barça’s coaching staff, led by Tito and Roura, have been thinking about which starting XI to send out against Milan for days. Roura admitted that the Barça-Milan match “has been circled on our calendar for a while.” When asked to who will feature in the starting line-up, Roura said, “we’ve decided on the basic outline of the team, but we still have a couple of positions that haven’t been filled.” The manager has nearly every player on the roster at his disposal, the only doubt is Xavi Hernández, who has been training with the team since Friday. According to Roura, “his recovery is positive but we’ll wait until tomorrow’s training session to make a decision.”

“Our obligation is to attack”

When asked about how he’s preparing his men for tomorrow’s decisive clash, Roura said, “we’ve watched many games that feature a similar footballing structure, but the one we’ve seen the most is our game against Milan. It’s what we’re focusing on, it’s our starting point.” The manager went on to say that he’s anticipating Milan “will try to preserve their lead. But our obligation is to attack.” He added: “we’ve been practicing a lot of set pieces, and it’s a possibility that we’ll practice penalties.”


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“Tito Vilanova watches the games with a lot of intensity"

“Tito Vilanova watches the games with a lot of intensity. I’m surprised that he’s strong enough to follow everything despite the treatment he’s undergoing. We’ve analysed and prepared the game with him. We’re trying to act as though he was here and he’s helped in preparing the team,” explained Roura.

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