Jordi Roura, a la banqueta del José Zorrilla / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Jordi Roura talked to the press after this evening’s match against Valladolid. “This season has been very satisfactory. We closed out the year at an extraordinary athletic level and, if we include the good news on Tito Vilanova, then we certainly have cause to be happy,” said Roura.

“This is a complicated situation because of my relationship with Tito Vilanova. It’s true that today’s match was special because of everything we experienced this week. However, on an athletic level it was just another game. We were on target in the first half and that gave us tranquility in the second,” said Roura.

Tito is released from hospital

The assistant manager explained the team’s reaction to the news of Vilanova’s being released from hospital after the manager underwent surgery on Thursday: “We were all in the dressing room and it was a great piece of news for us. His progress has been very satisfactory and it lifted our spirits,” said Roura, who also noted that he wanted to dedicate tonight’s victory to the manager: “The only way we could help Tito was by winning today’s game.”

FC Barcelona’s assistant manager also explained that “the line-up was already decided. We followed the plan we had in place. I talked it over with Tito beforehand.” Roura concluded: “With a 0-2 on the board, and if the opposing team score, you get a bit afraid. However, these players are impressive and we didn’t suffer [after Javi Guerra’s goal].”

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