Roura, durant l'entrenament. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Jordi Roura has given his press conference a day before the meeting with AC Milan and made it clear that the last thing he is expecting is an easy game. Said the man who will be filling as first team manager on Wednesday night, “Milan is one of the most successful teams in Europe and they’re playing at home.  We have always found it hard against them and have had some tough times in the San Siro. There’s no sense talking about favourites.”

Milan have undergone a number of changes this season, and so Roura is aware that “they are a different team, they play a different way, and we’ll have to wait and see how they behave … But Milan are always frightening at the San Siro”. He also confessed that he still hasn’t decided on his starting eleven and that he will be discussing the matter with Tito Vilanova and Aureli Altimira.

Defensive improvements

The conceding of goals may well be an issue for Barça. They haven’t been keeping clean sheets of late, but Roura thinks more is being made of this than necessary. After all, “we still normally score more goals than the opposition. But I do agree that we need to work on certain aspects and there is room for improvement in that respect”. He also insisted that the team needs to get 100% behind Alexis. “We have to help and encourage him” he said on the Chilean striker.. “He’s working very hard and we are sure that he’ll get over this poor streak”.

Bad memories

Roura, who was injured in a game at the San Siro in his playing days 23 years ago, also spoke about what this return to the stadium means to him. “It was a very delicate period of my career and my memories from here are not positive. In those days, Milan had one of the best teams in football history. But it is still an extraordinary ground and it is always a pleasure to come here.”

Finally, Roura commented that  “we haven’t played a Champions League game for some time and of course players at this level look forward to these games. We’re all happy to have got here, and the players are very much up for it.”

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