El capitán Carles Puyol, esta mañana en la sala de prensa de la Ciudad Deportiva / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

One day after being declared fully fit following his knee injury, Carles Puyol has given his first press conference of the preseason. “I feel fine, better every day. I’ve trained a lot. It has been a tough summer but it has given fruit and I’m delighted to have been declared fit. Now I’ll try to give it all I’ve got … I have to get my fitness back and I hope my knee responds well”.

No contractual complications

Puyol ends his contract this year, but has already discussed the issue with the club. “I have always felt appreciated by the club, the fans, my team-mates, and the manager” he explained. “I was talking to Zubizarreta the other day and the issue doesn’t look too complicated. There won’t be any problems, things are on track … I’m just looking forward to playing again. If the Club wants me to stay, I’ll stay.”

Faith in Vilanova

With Puyol and Piqué out, Marc Bartra has been playing in the centre of defence in the first friendlies. Says Puyol, “he has a bright future ahead, he’ll be a very important player, but we shouldn’t put any pressure on him.” Puyol also commented that it is up to the coaches to decide whether they need to sign any new centre backs. “We are all important, and we all trust Tito a lot. He’ll do a lot for us. We’re all heading in the same direction”.

Important times

The first trophy up for grabs of the Vilanova era will be the Spanish Super cup against Real Madrid. “The first title is always important. The winner will get a confidence boost and so we’ll be battling to win it, although it won’t be an essential part of the fight for the Liga and Champions League”, said the defender. “We have a healthy rivalry with Madrid. We will be working for our objectives knowing that they make very few mistakes, and we’ll have to do well to win. These are very important games in our preparations”.

With respect to the Catalonia Super Cup, he commented with insistence that “the club explained its reasons and we supported them. The internationals have only just got back and these days are a very important part of our preparations”.

Villa's recovery

When asked about David Villa’s recovery, Puyol said he’s both optimistic and prudent: “he’s doing well. He’s eager, excited, and has a lot of intensity. However, we’re talking about a long-term injury, it’s important to not rush the matter.”

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