Una audiència potencial de 400 milions d’espectadors / FOTO: ARXIU FCB

The Clásico will once again be the centre of worldwide media attention this Sunday and Mediapro, the company which will be producing and distributing the TV signal for the match, is expecting that a total worldwide audience of 400 million viewers will watch the game live.

More than 30 countries

More than 20 TV companies from all over the world have applied to personalise the production , which is a new record, and in total 30 international TV stations will be showing the match. The game will be broadcast across the globe in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Central America and Africa; from China to the USA, in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico and many more countries.

A total of 500 international TV professionals, including producers, technicians and commentators, will be at the Camp Nou on Sunday to provide the best possible service.

Mediapro coverage

Mediapro itself will be providing 300 professionals to cover the match, with eight mobile units, including a 3D team and 34 cameras, one of which is a Super Slow Motion camera, inside the ground.

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