Gerard Piqué, who played all 90 minutes of the Clásico, sent a clear message after tonight’s match: “we are proud of the match me played.” Piqué noted that “sometimes you need a lot of chances to score, they took their two chances and they converted on both of them, but I believe we deserved better.”

Finally, the Azulgrana center back went on to say that “it’s better to go to Madrid with a 3-2, we’ll be more alert - we have a lot already won playing like we did today.”


“It was a great game, I'm happy that we won but perhaps we deserved another goal. But I’m content with the match.”

“The 3-2 is a shame, if we had scored the fourth it would have been a great result. We’ll have to play a good game at the Bernabéu to win the title.”

“Clásicos are always better this way, with fair play between the two clubs.”


“Seeing what we did on the pitch it’s a bit of a shame, but we’re happy with the end result.”

“We can’t forget that we won and that we beat a great team, now it’s up to us to go there and win the title.”

“Beyond the result, we were the ones the that carried the game and that’s important. We have to maintain our identity and be ourselves.”

“This is the beginning of the season, these matches are very physically and mentally demanding but I believe that we did a good job. We won and that’s what we wanted to do.”

“It’s easy to play alongside Gerard and Carles, they are the best defenders in the world. I’m doing my best so that Carles’ absence isn’t felt.”

Training session on Friday

The team will train this Friday at 19.00 in a closed-door session. Xavi Hernández will hold a press conference before the session.

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