Gerard Piqué during Google's Hangout/ PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Gerard Piqué is very pleased with Barça’s start to the 2012/13 season. Leaders in La Liga and the Champions League’s Group G, the centre back admitted that “we couldn’t have started the season any better.” Talking to a handful of fans from around the in a  Google+ Hangout session, he added: “We’ve had a great start. We’ve won a lot of games and we’re currently leaders. It’s true that a couple of our matches have been tough, but the team is playing well.”

Optimistic on the team’s future

“There is a good connection in the team and I think we’ll have a great season,” said Piqué. On the Champions League, the player believes that the upcoming match in Scotland could bring qualification to the Blaugrana outfit if they win: “If we’re able to win [in Scotland], our job [in the group stage] will be complete.”

Recovering from injury

When asked about the injury that’s kept out of competitive play, Piqué said “I’m feeling good, much better. I did everything I could to play against Madrid, but in the end we decided to not run any risks. When my foot responds well, I’ll start to train.” The player, who sustained a sprain in his left foot in the match against Spartak Moscow (3-2), has missed Barça’s last seven matches.

“Happy” with his personal life

Piqué also shed a bit of light on his personal life: “I have a lot of reasons to be happy. I play for Barça, which was my dream, and I’m experiencing fantastic moments as a professional football player. My family and partner love me and I love them, and I have a child on the way. I’m fortunate and I have to take advantage of each moment.”


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