Gerard Piqué is confident that FC Barcelona will battle back from the two-goal deficit against AC Milan tomorrow. “I have a feeling that we can do it. I honestly believe that we have the team, the talent and the players to make it to the next round. We’re going up against one of the big teams in Europe, AC Milan, who have a long history of winning the Champions League and the Italian league. They are a very complicated rival, but we have the Camp Nou on our side and one of the best FC Barcelona teams in Club history,” said the centre back during this afternoon’s press conference at the Ciutat Esportiva.

“Small details will decide the match”

For Piqué, the Club’s recent history gives him hope that Barça will eliminate AC Milan. “First it was Cruyff, then Rijkaard and Guardiola in the last 20 years, we’ve completely changed our history. We need to have confidence in this team. At times it seems as though our memory fails us. This team can do this and much more,” he declared.

The defender went on to talk about Barça’s accuracy in front of goal this season: “I looked at the league table a couple of days ago and we’ve scored 20 more goals than the team in second place. This team doesn’t lack accuracy in front of goal, even though we’re playing against a team that specialises in closing themselves off at the back like AC Milan. It will be complicated.”

At the same time, he knows that “a Milan goal would complicate things tremendously” and “small details will end up deciding the match.” However, Piqué is confident that playing at the Camp Nou, with the fans behind the team, and with the pitch in optimal condition, will Barça the edge against the Italians.

Playing smart is key

Piqué also called on the Camp Nou faithful to attend the match en masse: “we need 90,000 people who believe we can do this. Whoever doesn’t believe, give your ticket to your children or friends, or free up your seat via the Seient Lliure system [system that allows Club members to free up their seat if they are unable to attend a match].

“The reason we’ve been such a winning team is because we play smart football, and against AC Milan we have to be smart,” said Piqué. Lastly, he declared that the Barça players are “mentally prepared for the match.”


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