Piqué en Chine

Gerard Piqué is in China and on his arrival in Shanghai, he explained his love for the Chinese national game of table tennis. The Catalan defender took part in a class with Chinese students in which he explained some of his best kept footballing secrets.

The Barça man is a great table tennis player, as well as a top footballer and during his visit to China he explained: “I’ve played table tennis since I was a child – though in the end I chose football as my sport”. The video of him playing table tennis with Cesc Fabregas during the Euro 2012 tournament caused a sensation in China and the national Olympic coach, Liu Guolang praised his game.

Piqué will be the subject of a webchat with Barça fans on Tencent Weibo this Tuesday, starting at 10.30 AM. Follow all the news about Piqué’s chat at t.qq.com/fcbarcelona

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