Speaking on the Barça TV programme “El Mirador” on Thursday night, Barça keeper José Manuel Pinto explained: “this team just loves to improve. Our mentality is to constantly get better and keep growing. That’s what helps us go on to break so many records. The squad has a great attitude and we never get tired of winning. I am very proud of all my teammates”.

Although he is often see as the team’s Cup keeper, Pinto insists that all the squad members need to prove themselves: “everyone who comes out onto the pitch wants to show that we are at the top of our game and that’s a good thing – we make it tough for the coaches to decide who to pick and that is excellent for the team and the squad as a whole. Out of respect for our opponents, ourselves and our fans, we always want to do our very best ”. Pinto also referred to the absence of Tito Vilanova against Cordoba: “just because he wasn’t physically there doesn’t mean any change at all in our philosophy. His influence was there one way or another”.

Difficult task against Malaga

Looking forward to the three games against Malaga, Pinto, who hails from Andalucia, reckons: “my family will be happy about being able to see me a couple of times within such a short time. The three games against Malaga will be difficult. We’ll have to see how the games affect each team psychologically depending on the results. The Malaga keeper Willy Caballero is a great keeper and he’s in really good form right now. Let’s see if we can get another win and narrow the difference between him and Valdes in the Zamora Trophy”.

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