Messi, a l'acte promocional de Turkish Airlines

24 hours after Barça’s match against Benfica, Leo Messi talked to the press about what happened on the 84th minute of the game, when he was carted off the pitch: “When I felt the knock I thought of the worst possible scenario because of the pain, I thought I would miss months of play. After the doctors ruled out a serious injury, I was much more calm about it all.” On the play, when the Argentine collided with the keeper but was still able to get a shot off, he said: "I finished the action with a shot because I was in pain and I thought it would be the last time I'd touch a ball for a long time."

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to play on Sunday”

The day after he picked up his knee contusion, in a promotional event for Turkish Airlines, Messi explained: “I feel good, luckily it was only a knock and I’m feeling much better.” He added: “I don’t know if I’ll play on Sunday, it depends on my recovery.” When asked if his possible absence against Betis will be felt by his team, Messi noted that “the team has a lot of players that can fill the void.” On the overwhelming concern show by Barça fans after last night’s match, he said: “I’m very grateful for the show of support from the people and from Barça. Experiencing that makes me happy.”

Messi wants to play it all

“I haven’t changed my mind, that play could have happened in training or in any other match. Whenever you play you run the risk of getting injured,” he said. Finally, the Argentine forward was very clear when asked about the possibility of breaking Müller’s record: “I’m not obsessed with breaking it. It’s obvious that it would be a beautiful thing because it’s a long-standing record and I’m close, but I’m not obsessed with it.”

Messi and Kobe Bryant are the two faces of the Turkish Airlines ‘Fly with the Best’ campaign. The Los Angeles Lakers and and FC Barcelona players filmed an advert that will hit the airwaves in the coming hours.

Messi defends the Catalan language

Leo Messi, echoing his manager’s words, defended the Catalan language and Catalonia’s policy of linguistic immersion. “I’ve studied in Catalan and I grew up with the language and I haven’t had any problems. We have to add to society, not take things away, the more languages the better.”

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