Javier Mascherano and Pedro Rodríguez are two great examples of the values which sport can transmit and in an interview with the  Qatar Foundation, the two explained how important it is to play sport. Mascherano believes: “FC Barcelona and The Qatar Foundation share the same values. We can help youngsters to lead a healthy life via playing sport”. Pedro echoed his teammate, revealing: “sport has taught me so many things since I was a youngster –it’s given me self-discipline and good health”.

Valors per a tota la vida

Mascherano stressed the importance of teamwork in football: “it’s a collective sport. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but a lot of times a team sport can teach you even more than going to school. The values of a team sport are different than a sport you do on your own- helping the guy next to you, learning to share, starting with the ball itself – these are values which help you throughout your life”.

Sport can improve your life

Whilst both players admit that getting to the top in sport is no easy thing, they insist on the importance of trying: “I’d recommend children to play sport because it helps to improve their lives with the people they have around them”, according to Pedro, adding: “work hard every day with desire and ambition to do great things and you could end up in the best team in the world and make a real success of your sporting life. Keep those ideas and that desire to help others and you will be a success. When you dedicate your life to professional sport, you have to commit a lot of time to it and you need a lot of passion”.

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