Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Marc Muniesa underwent surgery, in collaboration with Mútua Egarsat, by doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna involving arthroscopy on torn ligaments in the anterior cruciate of his right knee sustained in the recent friendly in Hamburg. Once the operation was over, they both appeared before the media to explain how the surgery had gone and to explain that the player should take some six months to recover.

They also commented that during the operation they also discovered an associated injury to the internal meniscus, which they also stitched.

High sprits

Cugat and Ricard Pruna were surprised by how strong minded Marc Muniesa has been about the whole experience. "I was stunned by his reaction. The upset only seemed to last for five minutes", said Pruna. But it is not the first time the player has suffered something like this. When he was 16 he suffered a serious knee injury. Pruna was impressed by Muniesa’s courage and wished to repeat what the player had said shortly after suffering this latest setback. “After something bad, there’s always something good” said the young star. “The bad has happened now there can only be something good ahead”.

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