Leo Messi and Jordi Alba / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Leo Messi is on the verge of breaking a handful of records in his upcoming matches. Here’s an overview of the most important records Messi could break:

Messi is 6 goals away from César, the all-time highest scorer for Barça in the Liga: The Argentine has scored a total of 184 goals in the domestic competition, and he’s only six goals away from César Rodríguez’s mark of 190. If Messi maintains his goalscoring form he’ll surpass the legendary Blaugrana that played for Barça in the 1940s and 50s.

He’s 7 goals from his best scoring tally in the first half of the season: Last season, Messi scored 22 goals before reaching the halfway point in La Liga. This season he has 15, he still has 8 matches to break his own record.

He’s 10 goals away from breaking Müller’s all-time record of goals scored in a calendar year: After beating Pelé’s mark of 75 goals (1958), Messi is on course to surpass the record set by ‘Bomber der Nation,’ who scored 85 goals in 1972. Messi has 10 more matches in 2012 to break the German’s record.

He’s 1 goals away from becoming the all-time scorer in Clásicos: Messi’s most recent two goals against Madrid leave him only one adrift of the mark set by Di Stéfano. Messi could break the record if Barça and Madrid meet in the semi-finals of the Cup, or later on in La Liga.

He’s 74 goals away from Alcántara, all-time highest scorer for Barça (including friendlies): Surely it’s just a matter of time. Messi has already surpasses César as Barça’s highest scorer in official matches, and now the Argentine’s next challenge is to break Paulino Alcántara’s mark of 369 goals for the Club. Messi’s goal tally for Barça, including non-official matches, stands at 295.

He’s 67 goals away from Telmo Zarra, the all-time highest goalscorer in the history of La Liga: Messi already features in La Liga’s all-time Top 10 highest goalscorers list, and he’s only 67 goals away from reaching the mark set by the legendary Athletic Club Bilbao player. The eighth and ninth highest scorers in La Liga, Santillana (186) and Mundo (195), respectively, could be surpassed by Messi in short order. The Argentine’s goal tally in La Liga stands at 184.

He’s 17 goals away from Raúl, the all-time highest scorer in the Champions League: Currently Messi is the third highest scorer in the history of the European competition, only surpassed by Raúl (71 goals) and Van Nistelrooy (56). Messi’s goal tally in the Champions League stands at 54 goals.

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