Leo Messi broke another record this evening. Despite the fact that he didn’t start, Barça’s number 10 once again found the back of the net, which means he’s scored in 17 consecutive La Liga matches. Messi’s newest feat is unrivaled in football, no other player has scored consecutively in as many league matches.

With his goal against Deportivo, Messi broke the record set by Teodor Peterek, who scored in 16 consecutive league matches between 1937 and 1938. In those 16 matches, the Ruch Chorzów player scored 22 goals, according to Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation.

Average of 1.58 goals per match

Messi started his goalscoring streak on Week 11 of the league, in the match against Mallorca, where he scored two goals. Since then, he’s netted 27 times in 17 matches (1.58 goals per match). Overall in the league, Messi is the leading scorer with 40 goals, ahead of Cristiano (24) and Falcao (21). Counting all official competitions, Messi has scored 51 goals.

Messi’s record is even more impressive if we take into account that he didn’t start this Saturday against Deportivo. He played a total of 32 minutes, which proved to be more than enough time to add to his record-breaking streak.

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