Kodro during his career in FC Barcelona PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.

The man overseeing affairs from the bench at the Real Sociedad reserves is a familiar face at FC Barcelona. His name is Meho Kodro, who played for the club for one season (1995/96) after enjoying a period of success at Real. In the build-up to the meeting between the two clubs, he has spoken to Barça TV and www.barcelona.cat. “Barça? Football doesn’t get any better than that” he says. “I am sure that something even better will come along one day, but right now, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better. They have marked an era in every sense”.

Hats off to Barça

The Bosnian believes the merit is all Barça’s. “They say it’s easier to get there than to stay there, but Barça have managed to do both things phenomenally. They were very clear about what they were doing on the way up and have managed to stay at the top for a long time. That’s a very difficult thing to do. Chapeau!”.

Kodro is now working with the Real Sociedad reserves, so he particularly appreciates what is happening at Barça. “They aren’t just using local players to make some kind of statement. They corroborate that with the philosophy they have and the way they play. They’re doing an exemplary job”.

Messi the genius

The 46 year old former striker is especially impressed by Leo Messi, and understands why his former team-mate Pep Guardiola chose to change his position. “Messi is simply genius in a person’s body. Guardiola was very clever to give him more freedom, genius like that has to be let loose to do its job”.

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