Neymar and Kobe Bryant.

The LA Lakers’ most charismatic player and one f the best ever to play in the NBA, ,Kobe Bryant, has always enjoyed a close relationship with Barça’s star players. The photo with Neymar, taken after Brazil’s win over Italy ,is just the latest example of Kobe’s love of the Club.

- In the summer of 2006, Kobe Bryant and the Barça first team met at a promotional event at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, during the Club’s US Tour.

- A year later, in June 2007, Kobe Bryant was in Barcelona and visited the Miniestadi to watch a training session.

- In February 2009, Bryant featured on the cover of the prestigious ESPN magazine, wearing a Barça shirt.

- In the summer of 2011 during another US Tour, Bryant came to the team’s hotel to say hi to the squad just before they left for Miami.

- In December 2012 Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant figured in Turkish Airlines’ new publicity campaign.

- Finally, this weekend Bryant had his photo taken with Neymar after Brazil’s win over Italy in which Barça’s latest signing put in a man of the match performance.

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