Keita, durant l'entrevista a Barça TV / FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

Seydou Keita signed for the Chinese team Dalian Aerbin in July and is now back in Barcelona preparing for the African Nations Cup to be held in South Africa in January. On Thursday he joined the rest of the squad in training in Sant Just and explained to FCBarcelona.cat and Barça TV: “it’s as if nothing had changed. I am proud to be able to train with my ex-team mates and my friends”.

Call to Tito

With the Chines season finished, Keita took the chance to train with Barça ahead of the African Nations Cup next month and explained: “I was on holiday and I called Tito to see if I could train with the squad for a while and he said there would be no problem. I’m 33 in January, but I feel like a little kid again being able to train here”.

“I’m always getting asked about Barça”

The first player signed by Pep Guardiola, Keita explained that he watches Barça’s big games, although the time difference with China restricts his opportunities, and he reckons: •the team is playing as they always have. Guardiola had a big influence, but Tito was also with the team during those four great seasons and the team is just the same – that’s why they keep on winning. There is an attitude and a humility that creates a great atmosphere in the group.

Keita also explained that in China, everyone asks him about Barça: “they are the biggest team in the world - in China and outside of Europe. I’m always getting asked about Barça”.


Thumbs up for Song signing

Keita also referred to Barça’s summer signing from Arsenal Alex Song, who frequently occupies the Mali man’s old role in the side: “I’m sure he’ll be a success. He’s a very good player, but like everyone, he needs time to settle in”.

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