Jordi Roura in a press conference | PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Tito Vilanova has been receiving medical treatment in New York now for a few weeks but Jordi Roura confirmed today that he is being kept fully up to date on the players and is taking an active part in all decisions regarding the matches and the training sessions. “We’ve been in permanent contact with him all the time thanks to new technologies. He’s more active than ever, he’s feeling really well. Tito has access to all the matches and the reports, and that allows us to talk about it all. There’s only a slight difference even though he’s not here”. He also revealed that the exchange of information is not just limited to talking during the matches: “We even have a system of cameras that allow him to see the training sessions”.

The Getafe match

Turning to the Getafe game, Roura made special mention of the unusual kick-off time of 12 noon. In addition, no fewer that 14 players from the first team squad were involved in international action in midweek so the coaching staff may be thinking of team rotation: “The time is special but we will try and go out there with the maximum intensity and get stuck into the game so that these factors don’t affect us. One or two players may be tired but in four days you can recover quickly. We’ll see how everyone is and then decide the starting eleven”.

A win against Getafe will be the perfect way to start a busy February programme: “Getafe is a team that always been difficult for us as they defend well and are strong at the back. Now we’ve got two games in a week and it would be really important to be able to win them ahead of the Champions League and the Cup. But the reality is that we have to take each game as it comes”.

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