Tito Vilanova’s assistant manager, Jordi Roura, said that Barça lacked “effectiveness” and he believes the end result “comes up a bit short” after tonight’s 1-1 draw at the Santiago Bernabéu. The Catalan manager also noted that he’s very pleased with the performance put in by his players: “we played a very good match. Piqué was exceptional. We only failed to increase our lead.”

Madrid are not weak

Despite missing key players on defence and Casillas in goal, Roura was clear that Madrid “are not weak” and he expected Los Blancos to pressure Barça high up the pitch in the first half. “We were expecting that kind of pressure from Madrid, in fact we were expecting it to be a bit more intense at the start of the game. They waited for us in our own half because they are a physical and strong team and it’s always difficult to hold onto the ball, especially at the start,” declared Roura, who added, “in general we were the superior side.”

The tie will be resolved in Barcelona

“Before tonight’s match I had said that these matches are decided by very small details. And now the tie will be decided in Barcelona,” said Roura, who went on to declare that Barça won’t sit back on its slight advantage in the return leg. “We will play like we always have in Barcelona. We won’t sit back and wait for Madrid. We’ll go for the win, we’ll play the same way in Barcelona that we did here. It will be a hard-fought match,” said the manager. 

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