Jordi Roura, en una imatge d'arxiu / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

“To start, I want to thank the people who came out this Sunday, it was a terrible day, but they came and they endured until the end. Throughout the year the fans have been with us. Thank you for cheering us on.” Those were the first words out of Jordi Roura’s mouth in the post-match press conference after tonight’s match against Valladolid. The assistant manager expressed his joy at winning this year’s league title and he went on to say how eager he is to win more silverware in the future: “this is my first league title as an assistant manager and I hope to win many more, it’s an enormous satisfaction.

“We’ve had to overcome many difficulties, we’re very pleased with the work everyone put in,” said Roura, who went on to analyse the match against Valladolid: “we were coming off of a very long week, but we were able to work well and recover. We had a lot of players to choose from and we wanted to send out the most competitive team. We didn’t do it because we want to equal the 100 point record. If we can do it, it’ll be a good memory; the record excites us.”

“The best start ever to La Liga”

“Throughout the year we’ve had a handful of crucial moments. The first games of the seasons were key thanks to our consistency, we had the best start to La Liga in the history of the competition. Since January people assumed the league was already over but that wasn’t the case, we had to win each week. We could have relaxed, but that didn’t happen, we maintained the necessary consistency to win the title and with an extremely high amount of points,” explained the assistant manager.

“Exceptional situation”

When asked about his brief tenure as head manager of the team, Roura simply said, “it was an exceptional situation, nothing like it had ever occurred. The most difficult thing for me was my personal situation because of what someone who I love was going through. The rest is done through professionalism.” He then went on to talk about Tito Vilanova’s address to the fans: “I really liked it, it was extraordinary. He wanted to thank this group of players for their great season.”

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