Jordi Roura, aquest dissabte / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

This Tuesday’s match against AC Milan was the focus of Jordi Roura’s post-match press conference. The FC Barcelona manager said that “we’re very excited to play the match and we’re eager to compete. We will give everything we have to fight back until the referee blows the final whistle.” He added: “logically, we have to attack. However, we shouldn’t confuse our desire to fight back with haste, we need to find the necessary balance.”

According to Roura, one of the decisive factors of Tuesday’s match will be the speed with which Barça play the ball: “the faster we play the ball, the more chances we’ll have when we attack.” He added: “we have a very clear idea of how we want to approach the match. We’re fairly certain on how Milan will play and how we want to play. Afterward, we’ll see how it all plays out.” Roura also noted that he hasn’t decided on who he will name to the starting line-up, and that the players that featured against Deportivo this Saturday “made the choice more difficult.” He added: “it shows how ambitious they are.”

Three fundamental points against Deportivo

“The best way to approach a match is to win the previous one. And that’s what we did this Saturday. In any event, we’re talking about two different competitions and they have nothing to do with each other,” said Roura. For the manager, “this Saturday’s three points are fundamental to our title bid.” He added: “the team played very well defensively. We managed to keep a clean sheet and for us that’s important. It helps us ahead of the match on Tuesday.”

Roura explained that the team’s performance in the second half was perhaps consequence of the effort put in during the first half: “in the first half we created a lot of chances, on the other hand, in the second, it was more difficult. If we had been on target in the first, perhaps the second half would have been different.”

Satisfied with Cesc’s work

Lastly, when asked about Barça’s starting line-up, Roura said that Messi, Iniesta and Sergio came on in the second half for two reasons: “when new players come on, it’s noticeable. They helped up close out the match. In addition, it’s good for them to have the feeling that they contributed.”

On Cesc, he was clear: “every player can have good and bad moments. We’re very pleased with Cesc’s work. He’s played extraordinary games this season. The fans were very good with us, they cheered us on from the very beginning. On Tuesday they will be on our side again.”

Zubizarreta: “We won three important points"

Andoni Zubizarreta talked about the importance of the three points won this evening against Deportivo: “these three points allow us to maintain our advantage in the table. We created quite a few chances and Deportivo didn’t have a shot on goal.”

The Director of Football also noted that he doesn’t believe today’s match is a preamble to Tuesday’s showdown with Milan: “it’ll be a different story when the Champions League anthem is played at the stadium. What we have to do now is prepare ourselves well in order to go through to the next round.” He added: “it will be a complicated match and we’ll have to be patient and be concentrated for the full 90 minutes.”

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