Jordi Roura is confident that the team will have quickly put the defeat on Wednesday behind them and have their focus firmly fixed on the Seville game: “Saturday’s game is important for us to take another big step in the league and get back some good feelings. We have to focus exclusively on the Seville game and nothing else. It’s true that at certain moments against Milan we were lacking consistency, but that game is finished and I don’t want to talk about Milan until the second leg”.

Team will bounce back

Roura was asked about the atmosphere in the squad after that defeat and he explained: “it’s only natural that we were upset. It’s not a good result and the players know that. I’m not surprised that there’s been some self-criticism, but the really important thing is how the team react - this team has always known how to bounce back and be brave and I am convinced that they will do so again over the next few games”. Roura also insisted that: “this Saturday we will perform at a high level again”.

Abidal’s gradual return

Roura also explained that although he had been given the medical all clear to play, Abidal wouldn’t be thrown in immediately: “it’ll be over the next few weeks that he re-appears, because this is a long process. We’ll have to see how he gets on physically and when he has the match fitness to play. That will al depend on his physical state”. As regards David Villa, Roura announced: “he’s worked really hard this week and he gives the team another option”.


Fans’ support is key

Jordi Roura called on the fans to fill the Camp Nou on Saturday night and get behind the players, despite the ten o’clock kick off and the fact that temperatures are expected to plummet, and indeed to give them maximum support over the next few key games: “it’s key for us that the fans are there and their presence will be especially important over the next few games”.


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