Roura, durant el partit. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Jordi Roura was pleased and relaxed during the post-match press conference after his team defeated AC Milan by 4-0 to earn a spot in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. “The fans were decisive, they were superb. Their support was fantastic,” said the assistant manager.

When asked about the match, Roura said that “we had a very clear idea of how we needed to play. We tried to open up the pitch on one side more than the other. We fixed our centre forward position and that stopped their full backs from coming forward.”

The match Barça wanted to play

“At the break we were right where we wanted to be, level on aggregate. I told the players to be calm. Frankly it was pretty difficult when we were up 3-0 and it seemed as though Milan could have scored from any play. We controlled the tempo of the match and with the 4-0 it was over,” said Roura, who added that “Tito Vilanova is very happy and he’ll be here for the next round of play.”

The FC Barcelona assistant manager also commented that his players “are special.” He continued: “the players were overly criticised and they showed that they are special. They played with intensity, commitment, and that should make us proud. I’m very pleased.” The assistant manager also had words of praise for Leo Messi: “Leo gave us a majestic lesson of what it means to play football. He’s an extraordinary player, and when he’s surrounded by the best he has no limits.”

Deserved victory

“I’m not the most adequate person to judge Milan’s game. We knew how Milan were going to play and we tried to exploit that. It was very hard for them in the first 20 minutes of the match when we had control of the ball. I wouldn’t talk about Milan’s difficulties because they could have defeated us. It’s more about how we played than how they did,” declared Roura. He added: “we’re going through to the next round because we kept a clean sheet.”

Pedro to miss the away leg of the next round

Pedro Rodríguez, who was booked this evening, will miss the away leg of the Champions League quarter-final

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