Barça secured three more points in La Liga to come within touching distance of the title. “We’ll go to Bilbao and try to win the game. We will take this one game at a time and as soon as we can win the title, the better,” said Jordi Roura after this evening’s match against Levante. "There's no doubt that there’s a lot of merit in winning four out of the last five editions of the competition – if we win this year. This is a very difficult tournament,” he added.

The assistant manager went on to reiterate how difficult it is to win the Spanish league: “this Saturday we suffered quite a bit to win the game. This points to how hard the competition is and it gives value to the fact that we’ve won 84 points so far and that we have such a big advantage over one of the best Real Madrid sides ever. It’s normal to have ups and downs. Perhaps we were lacking fluidity but that was largely due to how well Levante played.” He added: “there is nothing that could overshadow our joy if we win La Liga.”

Very happy for Abidal

“This is a very happy day for everyone,” said Roura when asked about Éric Abidal’s return to the starting line-up. “He played the entire match and he feels great! On a footballing level, I think he played well, he’s paced himself perfectly,” explained Roura. “We have to enjoy this moment. We will have time to sit down and talk about his contract extension before the season is over. The important thing is that he played the whole game.”

Abidal also showed that he could be an alternative option for Tito Vilanova this coming Tuesday against Bayern Munich. “All the players that are match fit could get the nod to be in the starting XI on Tuesday,” declared Roura.

A very solid Bayern

Lastly, when asked about FC Barcelona’s rival in the Champions League semi-final, Roura noted that “Bayern are a very strong team, they are having an extraordinary season. However, we are a very competitive side and we are very excited and eager to play them.”

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