Pinto and Alba in Bucharest. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Jordi Alba and José Manuel Pinto talked to the press in Bucharest ahead of tonight's match with Dinamo. The defender, who is aware of the fierce competition to get a starting position on the team, expressed himself with modesty: “I’ll work hard to play at the top of my game, but I’m aware of the Club’s quality and that it will be difficult to earn a starting position. I’ve come to learn and it’s an honour to be with these players.”

Jordi Alba said that he’s in perfect condition to play tonight’s match and he talked about not being named to the Spanish national team for the next week’s international friendly against Puerto Rico. “The manager makes his list and it’s his decision. I played in the Olympics and now I’m not going, I can use the time to work with my Club.”

Pinto: “we haven’t changed”

Pinto, on the other hand, talked about that the transition from Pep Guardiola to Tito Vilanova: “the most important thing is the pillars of the team are maintained, the small nuances, both in the training sessions and in the matches. He’s [Tito Vilanova] implicated, eager to work and very excited - it’s contagious.”

On tonight’s match against Dinamo Bucharest, the keeper said: “we want people to enjoy the show and we want to continue our preparation.” Pinto, the hero in the penalty shootout against Manchester United, talked about why he does so well with penalties: “being lucky plays a big role, but I also analyse how the players play.”

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